Views of our customers

In November 2012 we started an independent survey of the opinions of our customers through Aardvark Marketing Consultants Ltd.

The whole team were proud of what our customers said about us; it is as important to us to be recognised not only for our products and services but for our friendliness, product knowledge and willingness to help you. Our aim is for every customer to be able to recommend us to their family and friends. Customers who responded had bought different products from us including jewellery, rings and watches.

We pride ourselves on our service and always welcome comments and suggestions for ways in which we can improve.

Please find the results to some of our statements and some individual comments below



The staff made me feel very welcome         


All the staff are friendly and approachable


The staff listened carefully to my requirements


The staff were knowledgeable and experienced


I was offered an exciting and suitable range of products to choose from


I was given expert advice to help me make the right decision


I appreciated having  private consultation


I was well advised about the right fitting and size for me


I would be happy to recommend Tustains to family and friends


When asked what impressed our customers most about Tustains Jewellers, we had most responses around our staff being approachability, friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help you. Here is a small selection of the individual customer comments:

“Extremely good staff”

“They are all friendly and happy to serve you”

“The staff are a delight and they stock a wide range of jewellery for all ages and prices”

“Great service with a smile”

“There is a lack of pressure to purchase immediately and good customer service”

“They always provide good service; I’ve used them many times in the past”

“The staff make me feel special and they have great product knowledge”

“They are very professional and trustworthy experts”

“They have a beautiful shop”

“An A* shopping experience”

“They are experienced, have knowledgeable staff and quality products”

“They are friendly and flexible”

“They are ethical and professional”

“The customer service is great”

“The wide range of rings on offer in the store”

“They have great service and products”

“The quality of the products and service”

“The attention you get from the staff”

“Their reliability”

“Tustains is a well-run operation”

“They give you professional service and good advice”

“They have great product knowledge”

“They have efficient service”


What we are aiming to improve further.

When our customers were asked what we could do to improve our service a great many said “nothing”. However we did receive some useful suggestions for providing you with more a wider product range, a loyalty card and details about our events in Leamington.

Participation in our survey

If you would like to contribute to our ongoing survey please complete a postcard which you can pick up in our Regent Street store in Leamington.