Tustains Shaun Leane Cherry Blossom Ring Collection


We supply a varied range of Designer Jewellery, each piece is genuine, high quality, with collections exploring different styles and sizes, for delicate and statement pieces.

Shaun Leane's classic Cherry Blossom Ring shown below, consists of fine diamonds and white pearls. This Designer silver ring represents the grace of the Japanese legend and symbolises nature, with the pearl seeds blossoming into beautiful white flowers, which were said to be sprinkled by a goddess from Mount Fuji.

Please select the image below to view all our Shaun leane Cherry Blossom Ring Collection, admired widely for its intricate detail and creativity. Alternatively if you are looking for a necklace or earrings in the same style, please browse through our Shaun Leane collection.

Cherry Blossom Ring Image
Cherry Blossom Ring Collection


They other rings within this collection are as equally beautiful, some more colourful than others, with open flowers, each piece a work of art. 

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