Mercy Hinged Bangle


Brand: Georg Jensen

Code: 10015340

A bold and voluminous statement piece.

The Mercy bangle is a powerful and expressive piece of jewellery, and there is a distinct sculptural feeling to it.

The fluid shape of the Mercy bangle symbolises the way life transforms and the soft lines represent the flow of time and how its twists and turns come to define us. The opening in the bangle serves as a reminder to take stock once in a while – and think about where you are in life.

The Mercy bangle is expertly crafted from sterling silver. It has an integrated hinge lock that makes it easy to open and close the bangle.

Measurements: W: 13 mm / 0.51 inches. "SM (circ.) 150 mm ML (circ.) 165 mm"

Circumference: SM: 150 mm / 5.91 inches, ML: 165 mm / 6.5 inches