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Mikimoto - The Pearl King

Mikimoto - The Pearl King

“I would like to adorn the neck of all the women of the world with pearls.” Kokichi Mikimoto    

Mikimoto produce some of the most beautiful and desired pearl jewellery in the world. With it comes a story of persistence, passion and, over different generations, the true meaning of glamour. So what are the key points you need to know about Mikimoto?

Pearls are judged on their lustre, colour and shape. Mikimoto only use the top 5% of the cultured pearls produced in Japan, and only culture these pearls using the Akoya oyster, which is renowned for producing the finest salt water pearls. From the seed first being put into the oyster to finally being graded takes years, under the guidance of craftsmen who have generations of knowledge.

Kokichi Mikimoto’s life reads like a movie script. Starting from humble origins in a small village in Japan,  he succeeded in creatng the world’s first mass and finest cultured pearl production.


We’d love you to come in and see how beautiful they are. When you see them worn, you truly appreciate the organic and delicate lustre that has encouraged icons such as Grace Kelly, Sarah Jessica Parker and Anglena Jolie to wear Mikimoto pearls again and again. Famously, Marilyn Monroe was given a single string on honeymoon from her husband, Joe Dimagio. And what’s good enough for Marilyn …

We stock a wide range of Mikimoto’s designs, which of course include the choker necklaces like Grace Kelly’s. These can come as a set with single pearl studs, but for those of you who like your pearls with a little more sparkle, we have pieces such as the floral bouquet range with white gold and diamond detail.                                                                    

Having to choose key pieces of jewellery and information about Mikimoto is really hard. With such a wealth of design and history that are features of this brand, I would definitely urge you to come and try some on. I can’t promise we won’t tryand tell you everything we love about the man and his work. But if we do, just say, “I’ve read the blog”, and we might stop gushing.                                                                                                                                            




Looking for fine quality cultured pearls? Look no further than Mikimoto. Unwavering dedication to quality pearl jewellery, necklaces, earrings & rings is why Mikimoto is the #1 name in pearls. The originator of cultured pearls, since 1893 - MIKIMOTO.

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