Choosing the perfect engagement ring!

Choosing your engagement ring is an exciting thing to do. When you have made your decision you will have a meaningful piece of jewellery to treasure for many years. So, no pressure then!

Well, defiantly no pressure from us! We would like to help you find something really special. There’s lots of information available on diamonds and gemstones which can be a little confusing. You will read about colour, cut, clarity and carat but what does the difference between D and G colour actually look like? How will clarity affect the brilliance of a diamond?
We aim to help you understand the differences and critically show you examples that you can touch and feel in order for YOU to make an informed choice that meets your individual requirements. (Visual reference of luxury show room)

“The impressive product knowledge you demonstrated was never part of a "hard sell" but it did engender reassurance that we had all the information we needed to make our decision.  We both decided straight away that there was no need to look further than our home town for the engagement ring. What could have been quite a stressful process was in fact relaxed and enjoyable and we felt that you understood how important it was to us and that we had as much time as we needed.  

Julie & David

Our Rings
We design and make our own rings. We also buy from award winning designers and manufactures of jewellery who share our philosophy of quality and timeless style. Everything is made to the highest standards using the best quality materials and techniques. We can show you different cuts of diamond, different setting styles trilogy or diamonds set shoulder rings, Most things you can think of, and a few you can’t. 

“Tustains were great, they helped me chose an engagement ring, discretely enquiring about budget, the fact that I'd left it until the last minute wasn't a problem as there was plenty of choice. Everyone was really encouraging which made me feel reassured and a lot less nervous.
Mr J. Emmerson

Our selection of vintage rings gives you the opportunity to choose something with the unique style of a different era. Our experts have checked the rings over and made and adjustments necessary so you can be confident the ring is in good condition and all diamonds setting is secure.
"The customer service at Tustains took care of what could have been a fairly nerve wracking experience.
With Joe's patience and help, I found a beautiful and totally unique vintage engagement ring. Tustains have earned a lifetime customer."

Mr J. Stew

Bespoke Design
If you have something specific in mind we can also make bespoke designs. If you have an idea that needs bringing to life or want our designers to come up with something for you, we Love working in this way and have worked with lots of customers to make one off individual pieces. (link to explanation of design process)

“Joe has just finished working on a bespoke ring. I think he is incredibly patient, the process took a while. There are very few places locally where you can do that; where they can work with you to come up with something that is unique. I had confidence in Joe – I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted and he came up with lots of options which we then narrowed down. His input was his advice and experience. I like the way he works with you to come up with the end result.”
Mrs S Eccleston

If you are looking for something special please come in and have a chat, we would really like to help. Or get in touch to arrange an appointment or discuss your individual requirements.

“Visiting Tustains Jewellers was a fantastic experience, I was warmly welcomed and I received friendly & professional service that made me feel special. A real taste of luxury.”

Mrs S Baugh

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