BlogTom Milner offers his advice on how to look after your watch

Tom Milner offers his advice on how to look after your watch

Tom Milner offers his advice on how to look after your watch

When you consider the number of tiny parts moving frequently and constantly inside a watch, it is amazing that they continue to keep time day after day, year after year.But it is important to consider how you store, use and maintain your watch. Taking care of precious, treasured items makes sense, keeping them working well, looking good and possibly saving money in the long run.

You may like to stop your watch is when it is not being worn, particularly if it is battery-powered. This doesn’t do any harm, using a watch winder with a mechanical watch it means that the watch is ready to wear whenever you want without having to set or wind it. However, keeping a watch going doesn’t mean it won't need servicing.This is mainly because, like cars, watchers rely on oil to provide lubrication between moving parts. This oil is replaced during the service, because over time it deteriorates. If it is not renewed it will affect the accuracy of the watch and can cause damage to the movement. A watch should have a full service every 4 to 5 years, whether it is battery-powered or mechanical.

Another of the main issues associated with servicing is the ingress of moisture. Most  watches made  since the 1980s offer some level of water resistance. Dress watches are resistant to accidental splashes, which may be termed three ATM (atmospheres) of pressure. If you want to swim in your watch it should be 100m water resistant, equivalent to 10 ATM, and professional diving watches, like an Omega Seamaster  or the new Breitling Superocean watches will be at least 300m or 30 ATM water resistant.It is important for your watch to have the appropriate properties for how you want to use it but also to make sure the stays water resistant. As the seals inside a watch deteriorate, so does its water resistance. If the watch is worn in water, its seals should be checked and replaced,  if necessary, at least once a year.

If you have a battery-powered watch, you may have new seals as part of the battery change, the best clue to your watch needing a service is short battery life. The watch still goes because the quartz movement is so robust that it overcomes rust or dirt inside the watch, but the batteries power is drained quickly due to the extra effort required to move the hands.
The battery change should be done as soon as the battery expires since dead batteries can leak and cause damage to the watch. It may cost a bit more to make to take it to someone like us, but we have the correct tools, good quality batteries and experience to do the job properly.

So, while I can’t recommend opening the case of your watch unless you know exactly what you are doing, there are some things you can do to help look after your hard working time piece.One simple way involves cleaning your watch every few weeks with the toothbrush. Ideally the strap should be taken off, especially if it is leather. Use a brush wet if you know your watch is water resistant and dry if you don’t, wiping it off with kitchen towel or a soft cloth afterwards. If you can’t get the recesses of the bracelet clean, bring it to us. We can take the bracelet off the watch and clean it ultrasonically, and check the watch over while it is with us.


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