BlogTustains launch the new Tudor Black Bay collection

Tustains launch the new Tudor Black Bay collection

Tustains launch the new Tudor Black Bay collection

​The first Tudor watches designed specifically for divers were used in 1954 by the Royal Navy and tested in the cold waters around Greenland. These Submariner designs quickly became the instrument of choice for professionals due to their exceptional durability, reliability, precision and waterproofing, all for a moderate price tag. Because they were intensively used in extremely harsh conditions over many years, examples of these original watches are relatively rare and are now highly prized by collectors.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay watches

Over the next 45 years the original too-watches evolved to meet the needs of the diving community. For example in 1958 the maximum immersion depth was increased from 100m to 200m and in the 1970’s the inner watch movements were replaced by self-winding ones.
Tudor watches continued a long association with elite military personnel, including divers with the US Navy (USN) and the Marine Nationale Franҫaise (MN). The superior quality of their manufacture means that they never need to be specially developed for their use. Their ability to withstand the extreme pressures of deep dives comes as standard. 

Launching on 19th September in the UK, Heritage Black Bay watches  offer a window into six decades of adventures in deep water. The designs are  icy and sharp with slender, elongated lugs and  the domed black dial displays generous luminescent hour markers for perfect visibility. Tustains Jewellers has been selected as the sole agents for Tudor watches in Leamington Spa. 

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